Ears Clipping For Pitbull

Published: 27th August 2010
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To clip your pitbull's ears, you should be very prepared. You must primarily be absolutely sure of your pet's age is ok for ear clipping. As this surgical procedure will lead to lots of pain for your pitbull, many people tend to disagree with it. Sometimes, people will call this an act of mutilation.

Does the question of why you clip your pitbull's ears ever dawn to you? Is it because you want to let him participate in a dog show? If so, at least you have a reason despite it is still a cruel thing to do. However, if you just want to do it for appearance sake, then I advice you to drop the idea. Your pitbull can get infected from the wound.

Put some nice clothes on them, take them for an afternoon for grooming, that also makes them look good! Perhaps add some accessories on their clothes? I believe they will just adore and love you much more than ever!

Ears Clipping For Pitbull will rob them of the fun and loving experience of an ear rub which is enjoyed by all dog breeds. Subjecting them through the pain of having their ears clipped and wounded is enough reason for them not desiring anyone to touch their ears ever again! Is it really worth it for you to traumatize your pet and let this negative experience ruin your relationship with it? The end result of that psychological scarring may accompany them till the end of their life!

Some people get phobias of elevators after getting stuck in an elevator for once. Compare that to the weeks of pain on your pitbull's ears. Fear doesn't just go sometimes. We have psychologists and shrinks to help us as humans and even that does not guarantee the fear will go away. Try imagine being a dog and asking for psychological help. That is not going to work. It is akin to praying for a miracle.

Then there are those who insist. If you are one of them, then please make sure your pitbull is of the right age. You may end up saying goodbye to your pitbull if you clip its ears too early or too late at its age. Doing it by yourself is the worst idea one could ever come up with as you are most likely to make a mistake. Potentially it can get messy and your pitbull might just end up dead faster than you want it to. Before you think of doing anything, I strongly urge you to check your facts with a vet. Get professional help! Never forget to get a clear answer to
How Old Should A Pitbull Be To Have Its Ears Clipped
? Getting the age wrong will most likely leave you with an unwanted incident.

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